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What is Dermaplaning and Dermablading


Dermaplaning is a skin procedure which uses a sharp dermaplaning tool to gently remove the small, fine hairs on your face Typically the sharp tool is a 10-inch surgical scalpel which curves into a sharp point and is designed to be used on the clean, dry skin of your forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, and neck. Your esthetician or dermatologist will use the scalpel to very gently scrape the surface of your face in light, feathering strokes to remove any hair. Despite sounding dangerous and terrifying, the entire procedure is virtually painless, though some side effects may occur such as slight redness or irritation. However, most people do not experience any unpleasantness during or after the treatment and are able to leave the procedure with no side effects.

Benefits of Dermaplaning


Aside from the obvious removal of hair, dermaplaning actually provides a number of benefits to those who utilize it. First, the gentle scraping of the surface of your skin acts as a physical exfoliant and removes dead skin in addition to hair. As we all well know, dead skin along with dirt and oil can clog pores resulting in infuriating breakouts which leads us to the second benefit… hairless skin is some of the cleanest skin. Because there is no hair to trap dirt, oil, and other debris clinging to your face, your skin will be cleaner after a dermaplaning facial which, again, helps prevent future breakouts and allows other products to penetrate more deeply into the skin. However, if you have an active breakout or suffer from severe acne, dermaplaning facial may not be the best option for you as “the process of dermaplaning can actually end up overstimulating the skin and worsen existing breakouts. For dry skin special oils can be used to help blade glide better.

  • It’s a painless treatment that deeply exfoliates the skin.
  • It can be done prior to other facial for better product penetration.
  • It can be done frequently chemical
  • It can help tighten scars from past acne scars
  • It does not make the hair grow back thicker and darker
  • It can be add with facial, chemical peel, microdermabrasion


There are a few benefits of this treatment that were somewhat unexpected, right? While this treatment will mainly remove dead skin cells to promote a renewed, glowing, smooth, and more evenly toned complexion, it will also minimize the appearance of fine lines, especially lines around the mouth and on the forehead.

This treatment is sometimes offered as a first step for anti-aging treatments for this reason. Nothing indicates aging skin quite so well as a dull complexion and fine lines – this treatment addresses both.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the other benefits of this treatment.

Removal of Peach Fuzz

This treatment removes the peach fuzz from your face. Peach fuzz is a term that describes the small, light-colored hairs on your face that aren’t usually visible to the eye. While these tiny hairs might not seem like a problem, the fact of the matter is that they help catch pollution, debris, and oils and trap them close to the face, which for some means an inevitable break out.

Without peach fuzz, there is nothing keeping dirt and oil on top of your skin, which means there is nothing there to help clog your pores. Both peach fuzz and dead skin cells are the most common culprits of clogged pores.

Smoother Make-Up Application

Perfectly applying make-up is the goal of many people. Between beauty blenders and pore-minimizing primers and make-up formulated to be skin friendly, we continue to work towards having the most beautiful results possible. So it’s a little frustrating when make-up doesn’t look quite as smooth as we would like after all the expense and hard work. We can place the blame for imperfect make-up application on two familiar foes – uneven, dry skin and peach fuzz.

Luckily, one of the side benefits of this treatment, the removal of peach fuzz, produces another benefit altogether. Without peach fuzz, make-up can sit directly on the skin, which means that make-up is much easier to blend. Additionally, the lack of peach fuzz means that powder doesn’t sit heavily on the face, which means that the use of make-up itself won’t add years to your appearance.

Deeper Product Penetration

Products that treat and nourish the skin work best when they can penetrate deeply and reach deeper sub-levels of the skin. This is true of over-the-counter products and of products that are used for treatments in our office. But the simple fact is that skin itself is a natural, waterproof barrier. Getting past that barrier is hard enough without dead, dry skin cells acting as another barrier for a product to squeeze past.

As this is a deep exfoliating treatment, removing that top-most layer of dead skin cells is already a top priority. The unexpected benefit of this is that removing those skin cells also means that products can penetrate deeper levels of the skin, and they can penetrate more quickly. When products can soak into the skin, you get the best possible results from any product that you use, including deep cleansers, serums, and moisturizers.

Reduced Acne Scarring

This treatment reduces the appearance of acne scarring in much the same way as it reduces the appearance of fine lines and other signs of aging. Scars are nothing more than the build-up of skin cells over where inflammation once was, usually in a pattern that is different from the rest of your skin.

Depending on your complexion and the severity of the acne, scars can be very obvious even years after acne has gone away. This treatment reduces the appearance of acne scarring by scraping off the layer of skin that is most different in texture and color from acne scarring.

Acne scarring itself depends a lot on how your skin heals. For some, acne scars look like darker pigment or dark spots, which results in an uneven complexion from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is the type of acne scarring the benefits most from this treatment. More severe acne scarring, such as enlarged pores, might be addressed by this treatment. If you are primarily interested in treating acne scarring, our staff will help you explore additional treatment options.

Dermaplaning  Treatment Process

By now you must be curious about what the process of this treatment entails. To give you the best information possible so that you can make a fully informed decision, we have put together an outline of what the full process is like for this treatment.

Initial Appointment

If you are new to the clinic and to this kind of treatment, you will have an initial consultation. At this first appointment, we will talk about your skin and the goals you have for your appearance. The first appointment is important to make sure that you are receiving the right treatment for your specific needs. Our expert staff will help you put together a treatment plan that is tailor-made for you.

Treatment Appointment

No matter how many appointments you have, every treatment appointment will be the same. There are three main steps that are involved with this treatment:

Cleanse and Tone

The first thing we will do at your treatment appointment is use a gentle cleanser to remove any make-up, dirt, and oil from your skin. It is important that your skin be clean before the treatment so that your aesthetician can deliver the best results. We will also use a gentle toner to help close up your pores so that no debris will get into your pores during the treatment.


This part of the treatment involves a sterile scalpel being scraped gently over your face at a 45-degree angle. Your aesthetician will need to pull your skin taut with their fingers and use the scalpel in an upward motion in small sections until your entire face has been exfoliated. You will feel no pain or discomfort. Usually, this part of the treatment takes less than 20 minutes.


The debris from the treatment will be rinsed from your skin. Once skin is dry, you will choose from a choice of serums and moisturizers, which will be applied to your face and allowed to soak in. Once moisturizers have been applied, your appointment is over. Your aesthetician will then give you some post-treatment guidelines to follow.

What to Do After Dermaplaning?

After treatment, your skin will be vulnerable. The skin revealed by the treatment is new to the world, so it will be especially sensitive for 3 days to a week after treatment. To take care of your skin, it is important you follow the simple aftercare advice we give you. Post-treatment guidelines include:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure for 3 days
  • Avoid extreme heat for 3 days
  • Do not use scrubs or other exfoliators for 1 week
  • Avoid chlorine for 1 week
  • Apply serums and moisturizers
  • Use sunscreen

The post-treatment care instructions are mostly a list of things to avoid to take care of the new skin. We may have additional guidelines for you to follow, such as specific products that should and should not be used.

How Often Should You Have Dermaplaning Done?

How often you get this treatment depends on your natural rate of skin cell turn over. For most people, this treatment should be done once a month to continue to see the best results. For those with sensitive skin, we may recommend that you space your appointments 6 weeks apart. Our expert staff will help you determine the right amount of time you should place between appointments.

Can You Combine This Treatment With Another?

Yes! This treatment is an excellent preparation for many other skincare treatments. At our office, we recommend combining this treatment with the dermabrasion face peel and with a rejuvenating facial. Since this treatment preps your skin so well, we recommend adding specialized treatments so that you can reap the most benefits possible from every appointment. We will help you explore additional treatment options that will work best for you and your skin.

Ideal Candidates

Who are ideal candidates for this treatment? Everyone. This treatment is perfect for any age and any skin type. There are no medical restrictions or risks associated with this treatment.

Ready for New Skin?

If you’re ready for the smooth, glowing skin dermaplaning can deliver, then contact us Beauty Oasis Rx 333 East Bethany Drive Allen, Texas consultation today! Our caring and compassionate professionals look forward helping you look and feel your absolute best.  Learn more about what to do after Dermaplaning.