Emsculpt Services Allen TX

Emsculpt is the fastest and most effective way to build muscles and burn fat at the same time. Its applicators provide two therapies and give the best results on the treated areas in just 30 minutes. After the treatment, the body is redefined and reshaped without surgery, scars and downtime. contouring treatments for both men and women. The advanced is the first and only body contouring system that combines two types of energies in one treatment and simultaneously targets both muscle building and fat reduction.

This revolutionary device provides immediate results and patients can see the first improvements right after the first session. As it is a non-invasive treatment, there is no special preparation prior to the treatment and there is no recovery time. The patients can continue with their daily routine right away.

Every patient gets a customized Emsculpt  treatment and can build muscle and reduce fat on especially problematic body areas. This way, the patients get optimal results and achieve their perfect body contour.

Emsculpt offers a new, non-surgical aesthetic body enhancement. Every patient leaves Beauty Oasis Rx with an ideally shaped body and a newly found confidence. More defined muscles and less fat are the effects of a new Emsculpt  body sculpting treatment. you’ve upped your fitness game but can’t seem to shed those last few pounds, EMSCULPT can help you get the healthy, toned body you’ve always wanted. Now available at Beauty Oasis Rx


EMSCULPT is a new, FDA-cleared body contouring device by BTL that can help you reach your fitness goals when diet and exercise aren’t enough. You’ll feel great and look better with quick, convenient treatments that go above and beyond to build muscle and improve tone where you need it most.

  • Strengthen and tone abdominal muscles
  • Lift and sculpt the buttocks
  • Add definition to your arms and legs
  • Improve your core strength