Utsukusy Cosmetics Wakai Firming and Bleaching Kit


Made in Spain
Utsukusy Cosmetics
Wakai brightening skin care kit
Utsukusy Wakai Firming and Bleaching skin care kit utilizes the power of antioxidants to reduce fine lines and lighten sun spot  while also hydrating your skin. Your skin will look youthful and radiant while also being nourished and healthy.  Utsukusy cosmetics are made in Spain with Japanese ingredients since 1978.




 Utsukusy Cosmetics Made in Spain

Utsukusy Wakai Home care skin care kit

WAKAI Solution For Anti-Aging and Skin Lightening Japanese ingredients

All Utuskusy products have been prepared with thermal water of Iceland glaciers obtained from the bowels of the earth at temperatures above 75 ° C, naturally protected from all forms of aggression, maintaining the integrity and quality of contribution that contains rich in silicon, calcium, copper, zinc, and sodium Magnesium elements necessary for the proper functioning of the epidermis.

Based on the latest advances in biological technology and stem cell research. Acts on the initial mechanisms of pigmentation, combating melanogenica decrease and consequently the skin blemishes.
Increases the firmness of the skin and prevents sagging.

Treatments inspired by the regenerative medicine, to raise the functions of a smart skin.

The most advanced technology against the passage of time.

Solutions anti-aging definitive and specific for each problem of the skin causing ageing. Maximum efficiency and respect for the skin with amazing results. We don’t want to boast, but the results exceed
in many cases to those achieved by the surgery.

Recent research has developed a new formula made exclusively with natural elements. Thanks to a sophisticated molecular engineering work, these products react as “a great molecule”.

Once the skin absorbs it, this combined system of natural elements react at different points: cytoplasm, intercellular space and especially in mitochondria.

Cream awarded the prize to the innovation 2014 by the prestigious magazine “Life aesthetics”.

Recommended Skin Types

Mixed/dry skin + 40  Sun Damage

Main Benefits:

  • Provides a gentle cleansing product
  • Bleaching and Firming
  • Key ingredients assist in firming skin
  • Provides nutrients and vitamins to skin Vitamin A vials
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Tone skin

How To Use:To apply the Wakai Cleanser, take a small amount of the product into the palm of your hands. Apply the product all over the facial and neck areas and continue to massage the cleanser into the skin evenly with damp fingers. Continue to massage for a few minutes for a proper cleansing. Finally, rinse the cleanser and residue away with lukewarm water and pat skin dry with a soft cloth.

Apply Wakai serum to face and neck wait one minute, apply Wakai day cream on face and neck  at night use vial once week.

Main Ingredients:

Water, ethylhexyl,,Methoxycnnamate,Glyceryl Stearate,C12-20 Acid Peg-8 Ester,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Decyl Oleate,Popylene,Cetearyl Ethylhexanote,Popanediol, Collagen,Zizyphus, Jujuba Seed Extract, Carob Bean Gum, Tropolone,Geraniol, Citronellol, glycol, Urea, Vitamin E, linalool, Geraniol, Citronellol,Bean Gum, Bht, Aloe, Phopylene,


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