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Beauty Oasis Rx is a facial spa locates in Allen, Texas. We are passionate about assisting individuals refine themselves and feeling more healthy and confident.  Beauty Oasis Rx skin care facial spa is dedicated to providing optimal services and exceptional care.

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dayspa feb.2016

For the past 8 years, Ida has worked with Dr. Victoria Mcgrath in Allen, Texas. Ida’s love for skincare started by making skincare products in her front room. She would make lotions, body washes, and face creams. Later, she went to Esthetics school and graduated. Afterward, she was accepted to intern at Metroplex hospital with Anna Dee, a world trainer and contributing author who wrote the first paramedical aesthetics book Medical Aesthetics Clinical.


This year, Day Spa magazine asked Ida a question, “Why do you love the beauty industry?” She responded with this, “I simply love to make people feel good.”  Not only does Ida like making people feel good, but she also took on beekeeping as well. It gives her hope and a will to live. The two things she loves most are bees and helping people.


In 2013, Ida was diagnosed with cancer. It took three years for medical professionals to find out the cancer was the cause of her sickness, hair loss, and weight loss. Her surgeon asked her if there was anything she always wanted to do. She responded “Yes I like honey and bees. I’ve always wanted to be a beekeeper!” Dr. Kuhn responded with “What’s stopping you?” She replied, “I have no land!” He laughed and said, “Well go find the land!” Today Ida has to say no to individuals asking her to put bees on their land.


Dr. Kuhn took a liking to Ida’s kindness and always made sure he was there for her recovery. Dr. Kuhn was the only doctor not to tell Ida that there was a 50/50 chance of survival. From the time he met her, he said “I am sorry we failed you. I will take care of you.” He did exactly as he said. Dr. Kuhn passed away in 2014 of cancer. Ida was devastated by his loss. Two months before his passing, Dr. Kuhn stopped by Ida’s patient room to give her a hug and tell her how good she looked. They didn’t think she was going to make it. When she was sick she got down to 90 pounds, but when he came she was back to her normal weight.


Ida volunteers at Texas oncology at Baylor Hospital. She enjoys spending time with the patients while they get their iv drips. It takes no effort being kind and spending time with patients who don’t feel good. Ida gives them hope of recovery. Dr. Kuhn inspired Ida to expand her services and offer oncology facials to help individuals on the road to recovery.

Know someone who has cancer, Ida offers oncology facials on the 29th of every month free.  The power of Touch